The Importance of Lead Nurturing and Marketing Automation

In many businesses, the relationship with the customer is established well before the sales transaction and must be maintained well after. The quality of this relationship determines whether the initial sale occurs and whether additional sales will occur. The impact of a customer relationship on business revenues is what makes lead nurturing so important for many businesses.

Lead nurturing is used to kindle customer interest from very early in the sales cycle until the point of the sales transaction and then to maintain that interest until the next sales transaction.

Lead Nurturing Explained

A common misconception is that lead nurturing, today, involves merely purchasing a list of email addresses and spamming those on the list repeatedly in the hopes that they will purchase a product or service. While this was true when email was in its infancy, the medium has matured beyond that.

Today, many businesses are using websites to generate their own qualified leads and then are working with Digital Marketing Specialists to craft meaningful, timely, and optimized lead nurturing campaigns using these email addresses. Also, businesses are continuing those campaigns beyond the sales transaction to build greater rapport with their customers and to keep their customers informed.

At the heart of a successful lead nurturing campaign is the content selected for the message. The content must support the business brand image and the goals of the marketing campaign. Systems are available to ensure that well-crafted and pertinent content can be delivered in a personalized way specific to each customer with little to no overhead and at a reasonable cost.

Choosing a Lead Nurturing Provider

The key value that a lead nurturing provider delivers is in crafting marketing messages as part of a comprehensive marketing campaign. Since there is a wealth of powerful systems for automating email marketing campaigns and these come with a variety of features at multiple price points, a qualified provider will be able to recommend a system that meets your needs at the lowest cost.

NetEdge Marketing provides comprehensive Digital Marketing consulting that couples email marketing with other complementary services.