The Importance of Mobile SEO

A fantastic mobile website is not enough. Ensuring that prospective customers find your business on the Internet is of critical importance and Search Engine Optimization is a technique designed to do just that. The results of numerous studies is staggering. The data says that 91% of buyers go to a supplier’s website before calling and if they don’t find what they need, 80% will choose another supplier.

Mobile SEO Explained

Creating an effective mobile presence that allows your customers to find your business online and find the information they need, requires that the mobile website be optimized for search engines.
Mobile SEO can leverage search engine optimization for a company’s traditional website to a certain extent but this activity is somewhat separate since search engines give preferential treatment to mobile webpages when searches originate on a mobile device.
Generally, search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website for Internet search engines in order to achieve high page rankings for a specific industry’s key terms. While search engine companies published guidelines and there are some frequently used techniques to improve rankings, SEO remains more of an art than a science due to the rapidly evolving nature of the Internet and digital marketing. Search engines are constantly evaluating the relevance of websites with respect to search terms (a.k.a. keywords) since new competitive websites appear regularly and established sites are regularly changing. For this reason, SEO is an ongoing process and not a one-time solution.
The content of a mobile website will play one of the largest roles in determining how well it will rank with the search engines. Therefore the content must be optimized for specific keywords and closely related terms. Identification of appropriate keywords is critical before optimizing the website content and it requires more analysis than mere common sense. Professionals with expertise in keyword selection are a must.

Choosing a Mobile SEO Provider

The goal of mobile search engine optimization (SEO) is to produce measurable results which means increasing customer website traffic. Mobile SEO providers should be selected based on their track record generating page rankings for mobile websites. Be wary of providers with little-to-no experience who offer a cookie-cutter process and of providers promising a quick fix. SEO is an on-going process that takes time to establish and time to grow. Choose an established provider that has demonstrated an ability to modify techniques in lock step with changing SEO requirements.

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