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Building an Online Reputation through Blogging

by: Dana Chen Fischer

blogging, blogging to build reputation,In today’s market trend wherein new technologies like the Internet are widely used, it is imperative that every business creates an online presence to survive, succeed in the competition.

There are a number of ways to create an online presence for your business but blogging is considered as one of the most powerful tools. This is because of the following major reasons:

  • It creates an organizational voice – blogging provides opportunities for members in your organization to create a collaborative idea or information useful for prospects and visitors,
  • It builds credibility – regular posting of useful information for readers helps build your business credibility through times.
  • It offers a two-way communication with prospects and visitors – blogging provides readers an opportunity to interact with you through comments (through comment form below your posts) so this makes your blog an interactive environment.
Before you commence blogging, it is important that you consider establishing a blogging plan in order to succeed. Below are some useful ideas which can help you build a more systematic way of blogging:
  1. Understand your market – it is imperative that you are able to establish a blueprint before you start blogging. To do that, you have to (1)identify your market as this gives you a sense of direction (2) understand your goal so that you will not lose track and (3) know your purpose so that you can deliver to your prospects and visitors the information that matters.
  2. Blog design and strategies – you have understood your market well and now it is time to streamline your strategies (do you want to be a prime source of information about a certain product?) and then pick a blog design or template that suits best your niche.
  3. Regular posting – it is not really that significant if you post topics per day or once a week or once every two weeks what matters most is that you are able to do it regularly ( according to the schedule you promised to your readers – stick to it). To fulfill that, establishing a schedule and delegating tasks to members according to the schedule and regular monitoring can be a great help.
  4. Promoting and syndicating blog – it is not good enough to just write substantial content; you have to see to it that your posts have readers. Social media campaign and content syndication are a great help for this. So see to it that you are able to build a network on social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, and social bookmarking sites like delicious. Also, when it comes to content syndication, you can use real simple syndication tools like feedburner to share your posts.
  5. Measure ROI - it is also important that you assess the ROI (return on investments) performance of your blog to analyze whether or not you are on the right track. There are a number of useful tools to accomplish this task. Google analytics is one important tool that helps assess the performance of your blog. This will give you important information like conversions, visits, page views, duration of visits, where the visits are coming, etc. 
Above are some important considerations that you need to take into account when building a reputation online. Take time to go over each of the items above before you commence blogging. It helps a lot.

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