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Mobile Marketing Tips: Engaging Online Customers on the Go

by: Dana Chen Fischer

mobile marketing tipsAre you reading this article on your iPod, Google Nexus, Microsoft Surface or other portable device? 55 percent of all online retail searches were conducted on a mobile device in 2013. So if your prospective buyers are searching for you on the road, you don’t want to be left in the dust. Here are some ways to capture this lucrative audience: 

Get social. Plaster your web presence all over the social media scene by getting heavy leverage out of Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and other popular sites. These destinations can be turned into portals when you post engaging, entertaining content or irresistible deals on your business’s profile pages and link them back to your Contact or Purchase pages. 

Think small. Smaller bursts of marketing content are more likely to work well on the little screens so widespread in the mobile marketplace. Text messages work great, as long as you make it possible to opt out of unwanted messages. 

Allow for expansion. Today’s tablets and netbooks can handle bigger slabs of content than smartphones can, so you’ll want to scale some of your content up to take advantage of that usability. Tweets are easy to read on just about any device, and you can seed them with links leading to longer content (or purchasing options) on your website. 

Go geo-local. In recent years Google and other browsers have placed increasing priority on geo-targeting of business, helping consumers find their desired products and services on the fly. That’s why you want to optimize your web presence in terms of local search marketing, and why you also want to aim targeted ads and promotion according to zip codes or other geographic markers.

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