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Is Facebook only for connecting with your friends?

by: Dana Chen Fischer 

facebook Friend or business leadsMany business owner or marketers consider Facebook a personal social media tool to help them stay connected with their friends and families, and not sure why should they consider leverage Facebook for their companies.

You know how powerful search marketing Ads are. They make you get in front of your customers when they raise their hands are asking for more information about your products or services. Many of them are doing comparisons on prices, features and maybe even customer services. If you want to influence buyers decision earlier to a much larger target audience, then you should consider Facebook and other social media plate form.

With over 200 million active users sharing authentic information, you can precisely reach the right people before they start searching. Most social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin) provide you tools so that you can determine how exactly you can define your targeted audience, and get in font of them.

To address your concerns of mixing your personal connections with business, Facebook has privacy settings so that the story from last night's party won't get out to your business connections.

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