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NAWBO (National Association for Woman Business Owner) SILICON VALLEY SPEAKING EVENT

by: Dana Chen Fischer 

Search. Social. Mobile - How these Work Together to Create an Extraordinary Online Presence

search, social, and mobile marketing campaignThe Internet reinvents itself year after year. But unlike designer fashions that are here today and gone tomorrow, the elements of digital marketing continue to stack up. Businesses need to continuously invest in the latest technologies and methodologies to stay relevant online. In fact, businesses that stand out use all the digital marketing elements to leverage their synergies. We will discuss three of the main elements in digital marketing:

  • Search. This is still one of the most cost effective means for B2B businesses to create brand awareness and generate sales leads. Studies show that 91% of buyers go to suppliers’ websites before calling.
  • Social. Powerful social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have created a space for customers to have discussions about products and services. Savvy businesses use these platforms to establish dialogs with their customers and to establish trusting relationships.
  • Mobile. With the rise and adoption of smart phones and other mobile devices, the power of the Internet has left homes and offices and has followed customers into the world.

This seminar will show you how to unlock the full marketing potential of the Internet by establishing a robust digital marketing plan and identifying the things to consider when using search, social and mobile. Case studies will illustrate the potential for great ROI. Attendees will take home actionable tips aimed at improving their online marketing.


Dana Chen Fischer, Internet Marketing ConsultantDana Chen Fischer is the president of NetEdge Marketing and is a certified advanced Internet marketing consultant. In her work as an Internet consultant, Dana’s focus is to help small to midsize companies leverage their websites to generate sales leads and increase revenues.

Dana holds a Ph.D. in Engineering and has worked in the information technology and semiconductor industries for over 13 years. Her knowledge of computers, Internet and Web usability issues, project management, and business planning and marketing has been a valuable asset. She has managed large application development engineering teams and multi-million dollar software projects for a Fortune 100 company in Silicon Valley.

Dana frequently speaks to business conferences, companies and organizations such as Silicon Valley SCORE, San Jose State University, Key Point Credit Union, National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), and Construction Finance Management Association (CFMA), California Business Broker Association (CABB) on the key benefits of digital marketing.

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Email Marketing and Social Media Integration: Benefits and Tips

by: Dana Chen Fischer 

email marketing and social media integration

Email marketing has long been proven effective in generating more revenue for an Internet based company. However, this can be further enhanced through the help of social media campaign. Email and social media integration has become more and more popular today and some of the reasons are as follow:

  1. Social media has the capacity to reach larger audience quickly which helps to share email content, increase the number of followers and prospects, and improve brand credibility.
  2. User-engagement is also one of the reasons why the integration of the two can be very useful to online marketing campaign. Social media enables email marketer and subscribers engage or interact in a real time basis.
  3. An email promotion letter with social media integration allows easy sharing, forwarding of information to a wider audience – not just to their email contacts but to people in their rapidly expanding social media networks.
  4. Statistics also have shown significant improvements to Internet marketing revenue – from Internet marketers who’ve integrated social media and email campaign.

Here are some tips to maximize the potential of email-social media integration:

  • Identify the most relevant social networking sites – it is imperative to only select social media that are relevant to your company. It depends on your target audience (e.g LinkedIn and facebook have pretty different targets).
  • Integrate the “share” icon into your news letter templates – in this case, you are going to learn some coding techniques.
  • Newsletter (with the new template) testing – it is ideal to have your new newsletter template tested, initially focused to a small group of recipients before rolling it out to a much bigger audience.
  • Roll out the newly-designed newsletter templates to the rest of your prospects in your database – if the testing is successful, then it is time for its full-swing implementation.
  • Track shared newsletter metrics – your email marketing system should be designed so that you are able to track how the integration with the social network performs, particularly on how many times the ‘share’ icon is clicked.

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