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Yes, Content Is Still “King”

by: Dana Chen Fischer 

content marketing is kingToday’s Internet is a busier virtual universe than ever. Businesses just like yours are making use of an increasing number of online media options to promote themselves, generate leads and convert visitors into buyers. High-speed connections and hardware allow you to captivate viewers with high-definition video, crystal-clear audio and full-motion graphics -- even over a tiny smartphone screen. With all these multimedia bells and whistles, does old-fashioned content marketing still make a difference? Apparently it does.

A recent survey by MailOnline shows that marketing content played a major role in the advertising and marketing of 70 percent of all U.S. business brands in 2012. For marketing agencies, the number reached 77 percent. 83 percent of those businesses created their own unique branded content for posting on their websites and/or distribution in email campaigns. 69 percent of them also distributed that content via other channels such as social media. And despite the proliferation of video as a popular media format, written articles edged it out as the form of content marketing with the highest ROI.

What’s the secret of content marketing's success? It draws people in. By giving viewers fascinating information and solutions to your target market’s challenges without pushing for a sale, you encourage them to read more, reach out with questions, and give serious thought toward current and future purchases. You also build a loyal following, on that trusts you to provide a wealth of fascinating data on subject matter that they truly care about. Last but certainly not least, regular production of fresh marketing content gets the attention of the major search engines and helps boost those search rankings. If you need help creating and distributing this sort of content, contact digital marketing consultant at NetEdge -- we can take the entire process out of your hands!

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