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Why You Need a Mobile Website for B2B and B2C Sales

by: Dana Chen Fischer 

mobile website for B2B, B2C business

Sure, a mobile website optimized for handheld devices is a great way to snag prospects on the go. But does it make more sense for B2B companies or for B2C companies? The answer is -- both!

B2B and B2C marketing strategies may be somewhat different, but they agree in some interesting areas. For instance, a 2012 survey by Ascend2 indicated that B2B companies emphasized quantity/quality of leads, while B2C companies were more interested in converting leads and driving traffic to their websites more effectively. But the same study showed that both kinds of companies relied heavily on email marketing, with organic search and PPC marketing coming in not too far behind. All three of these strategies have a major impact on your average smartphone user’s daily online experience. Think about it: When you’re away from your PC, do you check email? Do you run quick web searches for something you need to know or buy? Do the sites you land on include clickable paid ads and listings?

It’s important for B2B companies understand that business owners feel less shackled to their office computers than ever before. Entrepreneurs are running their soon-to-be global empires from the local Starbucks, while an increasing number of facilities experiment with telecommuting and mobile commuting. Business people who travel frequently rely on their mobile devices to feed them up-to-date information on the fly instead of fumbling with their laptops. And take note, you B2C companies: These very same people have lives outside of their work. They shop, they run their kids to and from school, they go out with friends -- and where they go, their mobile device goes.

Whichever crowd you want to attract, mobile marketing experts at NetEdge are ready to help your mobile marketing mobilized via a mobile-friendly website. Your audience awaits, wherever they may be!

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