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The Best Practices for Business Blogging Success

by: Dana Chen Fischer 

There are certain best practices that can help you enhance your online presence and achieve your optimum business potential through blogging; some of these are the following:

  • Incorporate social media – useful content on your blog is worth-sharing, so provide your readers with an easy way to share your content by adding social links such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ to your blog
  • Use it for promotions – if you run frequent promotions, you can make use of your blog to highlight them.
  • Use it as a tool for building FAQs page – with blogs, you can usually get a lot of queries/questions through the comment section and this can help you expand your frequently asked questions page, which is beneficial for your business as a whole.
  • Provide news updates – ideally, your blog should be regularly updated, particularly with news, latest happenings related to your industry, as expected by your readers.
  • Provide photos – sharing daily photo blog with a short description can be quite interesting to your readers, customers.
  • Initiate contests – you can ignite healthy interaction with your audience by providing daily contest and games for them; they are fun and can keep your readers, customers coming back to your blog.
  • Provide ‘What’s new’ pages – blog section can be a great way for your site to tell your audience what’s new about your products or services; it gives them an easy access for updates.
  • Provide ‘What’s coming? – your customers and potential customers definitely want to know what is up, what is coming; it is something that they look forward to.

Benefits of Business Blogging for Brand Awareness and Reputation Building

by: Dana Chen Fischer 

business blogging for brand awareness and reputation buildingIt is true that a business blog today can provide an avenue for your company to share news and views but more than that, it is an effective medium that can help get your message across. In other words, it can change the way your customers, employees and associates think about your business. When leadership becomes the prime objective of your blog, more and more audiences start to recognize the distinctive value that your company brings for them.

Indeed, your blog can help bring your business to a higher level of reputation and the best part of it is that you are in control to mold and nurture this perception for greater profitability, steady growth and dominant leadership in the competitive landscape.

Undeniable benefits of business blogging

It’s undeniable that blogs are an excellent business tool to share the expertise your company has to offer – perspective on the industry, trends and developments within your niche. But more than that, they are an effective way to connect to more potential customers as they help your business reach wider audiences particularly those who come to your website via search engines. Yes, business blogs can increase your website’s ranking on SERPs through on-page and off-page SEO, content creation, and internal linking.

Your blog can…

  • help establish yourself as an expert in your industry
  • increase your business web presence through search engine results pages domination
  • generate more free traffic for your website
  • provide an effective channel to reach and interact with your customers, and potential customers
  • help your business website become more active and rich in content, which is beneficial SEO-wise
  • create an impression that there are really people working behind your business website that your audience see (and not just another yet an anonymous Internet entity)
  • be an effective channel to promote new products and get feedbacks from your audiences quicker than the other methods.

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