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The Dos and Don’ts for Business Blogging

by: Dana Chen Fischer 

Even though increasing organic traffic should be part of your blogging strategy, for your blog to succeed and last long, it is more important to write useful, compelling content for human readers. Here are some reminders for effective business blogging:


  • Adding links within your blog posts pointing back to other pages useful to your readers; this also helps for your site’s ranking.
  • See to it that all information you post on your business blog is meaningful, beneficial to customers; your blog should also be updated regularly to keep them coming back - this is imperative in digital marketing.
  • Interact with your audience and this is usually done by replying to their comments, views, opinions, and queries; spams should be scraped out as well.
  • Target niche keywords as this can help, SEO-wise.
  • Do not just feed information about your products - in other words, avoid being too sales-focused or sounds so promotional.
  • Do not use corporate rhetoric, acronyms and jargon that can only confuse your readers, potential customers.
  • Do not put off regular posts and updates as this can negatively affect your online reputation both in the eyes of search engines and your readers expecting for fresh updates.
  • Don not try to micro-manage your brand image – in other words, don’t keep customers in the dark by hiding or censoring some of your business details.

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