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How Businesses Can Prepare For Facebook's Graph Search

by: Dana Chen Fischer 

Every few months, Facebook releases a new feature which users seem to either love or hate. Many of these features are thought to improve the user experience, but few offer ways to improve how businesses interact via Facebook. With Social Media replacing other traditional marketing mediums, it is very important for companies to embrace Facebook and other Social Media networks. Some of the latest feature additions on Facebook include, timeline, better integration with Instagram, and more recently Facebook graph search. If used correctly Facebook's graph search offers a way for digital marketing companies to promote companies in incredible ways.
Digital Marketing- Facebook Graphic Search
In early January, Facebook released a new feature called graph search. This new feature allows Facebook users to search through photos, places, people and even very specific interests of members. This allows users to search for things like, “who are my friends in Los Angeles”, or “What are some restaurants that my friends like”. This is an incredibly powerful digital marketing tool which combines the huge benefits of social media with the ease of a search engine. Facebook is looking for users to come to their site for more than just to look at photos and status updates, but to find restaurants and other information which can be very valuable to companies looking to gain new business online.

Internet marketing consulting companies are already starting to take notice of this new feature. Unfortunately, this feature is only in beta now, but Facebook has indicated that it will begin rolling out to all users within the next few months. As people begin to use it more, the data will become much more detailed and useful, hence the graph search name. In digital marketing, it is very important for companies to constantly stay ahead of all of the latest Social Media trends so that these businesses are not left behind as the Internet marketing world is constantly changing. Once this feature is widely used on Facebook, it will allow Internet marketing consulting companies to target these very defined searches to give their clients an easy way to reach highly targeted customers. Imagine if you are a Mexican restaurant in San Jose and could show up in searches for “best Mexican restaurant in San Jose” on Facebook. This could be a way to greatly increase traffic to your web site and ultimately to your restaurant.

While many companies are excited about this new feature, it is important for Facebook users to understand that their privacy settings will not be affected by this new roll out. Facebook has not done the best job of disclosing all of their privacy settings in the past, so they have made sure to give users complete control over how their information appears when other users are performing searches with graph search. All of these privacy settings are configurable in the familiar privacy settings portion of Facebook. Users will have the same level of flexibility when it comes to controlling how much of a Facebook profile is accessible by others when using this new feature.

Facebook's graph search is thought to be one of the most business friendly features to be added to this popular Social Media network in quite some time. If you are looking for a digital marketing company to take your Internet presence to the next level, make sure that they are well versed in Facebook's new graph search technology. With the proper implementation, this new technology can mean increased business for your growing company!

NAWBO (National Association for Woman Business Owner) SILICON VALLEY SPEAKING EVENT

by: Dana Chen Fischer 

Search. Social. Mobile - How these Work Together to Create an Extraordinary Online Presence

search, social, and mobile marketing campaignThe Internet reinvents itself year after year. But unlike designer fashions that are here today and gone tomorrow, the elements of digital marketing continue to stack up. Businesses need to continuously invest in the latest technologies and methodologies to stay relevant online. In fact, businesses that stand out use all the digital marketing elements to leverage their synergies. We will discuss three of the main elements in digital marketing:

  • Search. This is still one of the most cost effective means for B2B businesses to create brand awareness and generate sales leads. Studies show that 91% of buyers go to suppliers’ websites before calling.
  • Social. Powerful social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have created a space for customers to have discussions about products and services. Savvy businesses use these platforms to establish dialogs with their customers and to establish trusting relationships.
  • Mobile. With the rise and adoption of smart phones and other mobile devices, the power of the Internet has left homes and offices and has followed customers into the world.

This seminar will show you how to unlock the full marketing potential of the Internet by establishing a robust digital marketing plan and identifying the things to consider when using search, social and mobile. Case studies will illustrate the potential for great ROI. Attendees will take home actionable tips aimed at improving their online marketing.


Dana Chen Fischer, Internet Marketing ConsultantDana Chen Fischer is the president of NetEdge Marketing and is a certified advanced Internet marketing consultant. In her work as an Internet consultant, Dana’s focus is to help small to midsize companies leverage their websites to generate sales leads and increase revenues.

Dana holds a Ph.D. in Engineering and has worked in the information technology and semiconductor industries for over 13 years. Her knowledge of computers, Internet and Web usability issues, project management, and business planning and marketing has been a valuable asset. She has managed large application development engineering teams and multi-million dollar software projects for a Fortune 100 company in Silicon Valley.

Dana frequently speaks to business conferences, companies and organizations such as Silicon Valley SCORE, San Jose State University, Key Point Credit Union, National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), and Construction Finance Management Association (CFMA), California Business Broker Association (CABB) on the key benefits of digital marketing.

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Monetizing Facebook for your Business

by: Dana Chen Fischer 

facebook monetization

Every business can leverage Facebook marketing! 

Facebook is currently the most popular social media network online. Market-savvy brands are tapping into their Facebook audience to get instant feedback, find ideas on new product design and seek insights on how to market better. It is a great tool to build brand awareness within your target market.No matter what type of business you are in, you can use Facebook marketing to tap into your social network enhancing positive relationships for your business.

Remember, building and nurturing your network comes before monetization.So here’s how to get started:

  • After you’ve made your Facebook fan page, take advantage of the various tools Facebook offers businesses to promote their pages.
  • You can add your brand logo, any company photos, and as much information and content as you possibly can to build credibility.
  • Facebook allows you to connect your Twitter profile, your blog, and your website so they are all linked. The activities and interactions you undertake on one network will automatically be posted on all of your other networks.
  • Facebook also allows you to embed widgets on your website pages so that visitors to your site have the option of connecting to your Facebook page.
  • To jump start your business page, begin by determining which users and other Facebook groups are the most influential and which ones you should begin interacting with.
  • Once you start communicating regularly with other users and groups, you'll be surprised to see how quickly the interactions on your business page increase.

Here are some more tips for monetizing Facebook:

  • Facebook’s core value proposition is connecting and communicating with friends. While word-of-mouth, or “earned” media, helps brands gain Facebook fans, it can only go so far. Companies also need to contemplate using paid advertising to develop their Facebook fan-base.
  • Create engaging content. The simplicity of the “like” button means that there may be no actual engagement beyond the fleeting moment of the click. To be successful in this post-“like” phase of Facebook marketing, businesses need to excite their fan-base with compelling posts, interactions that spur a sense of community, and rewards for their ongoing support.
  • Give people a reason to become fans. Apps are a good way for any business to have engaging interactions with fans. Everyone wants the latest app, and you can place it for download on your page. The process of sharing will increase your business awareness and deliver good returns on your investment.<
  • Use innovative apps to help monetize Facebook fan pages. For example, create apps that enable your business to post coupons for promotional discounts on your Facebook page. After clicking on the promotion, fans are prompted to provide their email addresses before receiving the coupon. Thus, you have not only increased the likelihood of a fan becoming a paying customer, but also gained a potential customer’s email address, which you can use for future marketing endeavours.
  • Incorporate e-commerce directly into your Facebook page. A Facebook storefront application will enable users to make purchases directly. You can also offer promotional deals to fans, but the storefront app offers the additional advantage of publishing a fan’s purchase on the Facebook news feed. This further promotes the item to your fan’s friends who can then make comments about the item.

Attracting new customers to your brand is a great benefit of Facebook fan pages; but if you have not monetized your Facebook page, then you are missing out on an easy way to generate revenue!

Email Marketing and Social Media Integration: Benefits and Tips

by: Dana Chen Fischer 

email marketing and social media integration

Email marketing has long been proven effective in generating more revenue for an Internet based company. However, this can be further enhanced through the help of social media campaign. Email and social media integration has become more and more popular today and some of the reasons are as follow:

  1. Social media has the capacity to reach larger audience quickly which helps to share email content, increase the number of followers and prospects, and improve brand credibility.
  2. User-engagement is also one of the reasons why the integration of the two can be very useful to online marketing campaign. Social media enables email marketer and subscribers engage or interact in a real time basis.
  3. An email promotion letter with social media integration allows easy sharing, forwarding of information to a wider audience – not just to their email contacts but to people in their rapidly expanding social media networks.
  4. Statistics also have shown significant improvements to Internet marketing revenue – from Internet marketers who’ve integrated social media and email campaign.

Here are some tips to maximize the potential of email-social media integration:

  • Identify the most relevant social networking sites – it is imperative to only select social media that are relevant to your company. It depends on your target audience (e.g LinkedIn and facebook have pretty different targets).
  • Integrate the “share” icon into your news letter templates – in this case, you are going to learn some coding techniques.
  • Newsletter (with the new template) testing – it is ideal to have your new newsletter template tested, initially focused to a small group of recipients before rolling it out to a much bigger audience.
  • Roll out the newly-designed newsletter templates to the rest of your prospects in your database – if the testing is successful, then it is time for its full-swing implementation.
  • Track shared newsletter metrics – your email marketing system should be designed so that you are able to track how the integration with the social network performs, particularly on how many times the ‘share’ icon is clicked.

Time for your company to show your “Face”

by: Dana Chen Fischer 

social media, social media network, facebook campaign, social media campaign,

Facebook stat: 400 million active users and over 60 million status updates per day

No company can afford to ignore Facebook’s 400 Million active users. The question is more like: how can you tab into this huge opportunity for your business?

Facebook is already the “world’s largest social network” in 2010 having fought closely with MySpace and Twitter. Let’s look at some stunning Facebook statistics:

  • More than 400 million active users
  • Average user spends more than 55 minutes per day on Facebook
  • 50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given day
  • More than 60 million status updates posted each day
  • More than 5 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) shared each week
  • More than 3.5 million events created each month
  • More than 3 million active Pages on Facebook
  • More than 1.5 million local businesses have active Pages on Facebook
(*Source: Facebook)

No matter what industry you are in or who your target audience might be; there is no denying that in one way or another, they are impacted by Facebook. If your business is not leveraging the power of this social network, you are missing huge opportunities. But it’s never too late to begin!

Ads, Polls, Groups, Sponsorships and More…

Facebook Advertising and Marketing

With 400 million users on Facebook, you know you are connecting with real people. More importantly, you are reaching out to the right people at the right time! Your business can use Facebook advertising to help increase demand for your product or service. Facebook Ads makes it easy and cost-effective to quickly set up and manage your campaign. You can use image and text-based ads, advertise your own web page or something on Facebook like a Page or an Event. Facebook Ads offers you the flexibility to choose -- to pay per click or pay per impression in your local currency.

Advertising online is all about measurable results. You can optimize Facebook ads to track your progress with real-time reporting. By gaining insights about what type of users are clicking on your ad, you can make modifications to maximize your results.

You also have the ability to combine other marketing solutions (like polls, sponsorships, groups, etc.) with your Facebook advertising to gain greater ROI. For example, when you have a well established Facebook presence with your ads, plus Facebook Pages or Facebook Events, you can take your advertising message a step further. Turn your ad into a trusted referral by including content from a user’s “friends” who are already affiliated with your products or services! For a low cost of participation, you get a truly engaged audience. Nothing can beat the positive and long-lasting results of that!

This is Real-time Socializing

Facebook Mistakes You Should Avoid

Having a large circle of “friends” on Facebook is great, but as a business owner, you need to be cautious about how you interact online. Expanding your network by sending out several friend requests to people you have never interacted with in some way can be a waste of your time and theirs. It’s the same thing with “accepting” friend requests. If you want to socialize in real time, it should be with people who have something to offer that interests you; something than can add value to your life in some way. At all times, whether it is just “writing on the wall”, a Facebook Ad campaign, a Page or an Event, your Facebook time must engage your target audiences in meaningful and positive experiences online.

Is Social Media a viable way to market your business?

by: Dana Chen Fischer 

Social Media a viable way to market business, social media marketing,The short answer is: Yes it can be, if you do it correctly. 

In March the Wall Street Journal sited statistics that points to a mixed result. According to the survey referred in the article, it showed 22% of 500 U.S. small companies made a profit last year from promoting their firms on social media, while 53% said they broke even. Another 19% said they actually lost money. The survey was done by the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business and Network Solutions LLC. Many small businesses selling products or services to consumers have adopted social media as one of their marketing tools because it is low cost and easy-to-use. A separate survey done by the same sponsor found that the number of small businesses (with less than 100 employees) using social-media as part of their on-line marketing strategy had doubled last year from 12% to 24%.

The key to positive results is regular interaction with consumers through such sites as Facebook and Twitter. It is a time investment as you build relationships, credibility, and exposure with the consumers before they become customers. In the same Wall Street Journal article on Mar 16, 2010, Stephen Bailey, who oversees internet marketing initiatives for John Fluevog Boots & Shoes Ltd, a footwear and accessories retailer in Vancouver, shared that his company saw a 40% increase in online sales in 2009 due to social-media marketing efforts.

The good news for small and mid size business is that most social media tools are free. With some creativity and passion about your product and service, you can make it a great marketing tool for your company.

Is Facebook only for connecting with your friends?

by: Dana Chen Fischer 

facebook Friend or business leadsMany business owner or marketers consider Facebook a personal social media tool to help them stay connected with their friends and families, and not sure why should they consider leverage Facebook for their companies.

You know how powerful search marketing Ads are. They make you get in front of your customers when they raise their hands are asking for more information about your products or services. Many of them are doing comparisons on prices, features and maybe even customer services. If you want to influence buyers decision earlier to a much larger target audience, then you should consider Facebook and other social media plate form.

With over 200 million active users sharing authentic information, you can precisely reach the right people before they start searching. Most social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin) provide you tools so that you can determine how exactly you can define your targeted audience, and get in font of them.

To address your concerns of mixing your personal connections with business, Facebook has privacy settings so that the story from last night's party won't get out to your business connections.

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