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Analysis: What Does Google Panda Mean to Your Internet Business

by: Dana Chen Fischer 

google panda updates

Analyzing Google’s recent changes in its search algorithm – its impact to Internet marketing campaign

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Have you checked your website’s performance lately? If ever you have noticed a significant drop in its number of visits then your website could be one of those affected by the recent changes in Google’s search ranking algorithm widely known as Google’s Farmer/Panda.

Initially rolled-out in the U.S. in February this year, the ‘newly-improved’ search ranking algorithm is now rolled-out globally (just this April) and created a huge impact even to those websites and companies considered as highly reputable.

Ezine.com hard-hit…

The new Google algorithm pushed ezine to polish its submission policy emphasizing to users to “Submit your high-quality, original articles for more exposure, credibility and traffic back to your website.” If you visit the site, you will notice the new submission guidelines highlighted on its homepage (see image below).

ezine affected by google panda

New York Times admits: NYT-owned About.com affected

The New York Times Company has confirmed, through its CEO Janet Robinson, that NYT-owned About.com “experienced a moderately negative impact on page views from the algorithm changes Google implemented in the quarter.”

The Hubpages concern…

Also affected by the current changes in Google ranking algorithm, Hubpages’s CEO Paul Edmundson has expressed concern through his post stating that “we are concerned that Google is targeting platforms other than its own and stifling competition by reducing viable platform choices simply by diminishing platforms’ ability to rank pages.”

My own analysis…

I have checked the list of sites hard-hit by Google’s changes and most of them are content sites. This reiterates again the importance of quality and valuable contents. Those sites that are considered as content farms (e.g. article directories) should re-evaluate their approach to content management and publishing. Content should be screened intelligently to ensure its quality is line with the Google’s definition of high-quality sites.

How experts see the changes

Experts suggest that the present changes in ranking algorithm should make website owners think of extra precautions to ensure that Internet marketing strategies conform with the Google's standards for search engine optimization including the following:

  1. (Still) The quality of content
  2. Be careful on Ads ( most of the hard-hit websites were populated with ads like Google Ads)
  3. The quality of backlinks ( avoid having low-quality backlinks)
  4. Social media ( Google values social media)

What does Google Panda mean to your Internet business?

If you are an Internet marketer running an online business, this is the time to re-evaluate your marketing campaign strategy most especially in your off-page optimization campaign (e.g. article submission and other back link building and promotion strategies). Be mindful of the Google guidelines because once your site is downgraded, it takes lots of works to bounce back.

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