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Making Google+ a Plus for your Business

by: Dana Chen Fischer 

google plus social marketingGoogle+ has only existed for a couple of years now -- but of course any social media service powered by the world's biggest web browser has a head start on life. As of October 2013 it had 540 million active users worldwide, and currently those users are uploading 1.5 billion photos to the networking service each week. That’s some serious activity, and your business should be in the middle of it. So if you’ve never gotten involved in Google+, it’s time to set up that profile!

One key attraction of Google+ is its interconnectedness with so many other Google offerings -- especially YouTube, which definitely rates as the “killer app” for your online marketing videos. You can monitor and use Youtube, Analytics, Hangouts and all sorts of other Google goodies from your Google+ profile page. Treat this page as a kind of portal to your permanent website, pushing a steady stream of blog articles, special offers, video clips, news releases and other items of interest out to your connections. Like LinkedIn, Google+ encourages you to collect and then interact with a large pool of connections. But it also lets you categorize those connections into different “Circles,” which may or may not overlap according to industry, interests, relationship status, et cetera. This function means you can send different types of targeted information to different circles -- and that's every marketer’s dream.

As all-inclusive as Google+ may seem, however, don’t let it drift away from your core online marketing presence. Make sure your content links back to your company website’s products, services, or Contact page, or you may end up with a fabulous social media platform that fails to convert viewers into buyers. Contact the experts at NetEdge Marketing to get the most out of your Google+ marketing channel.

Boosting Your Google+ Presence for Business Success

by: Dana Chen Fischer 

Google Plus Social Network

Google+ has now 400 million registered users (100 million active users in a month) and this figure is expected to get even bigger in the near future. For business owners, this trend means a lot as this provides another yet promising venue to reach prospects, a place to showcase products and services, and, ultimately, to increase return-on-investments. 

To increase your chances for success, you must build high presence in this social network. We have here in this resource some useful tips aimed to give your Google+ visibility a boost.

  1. Catchy link. As you can observe, Google+ URL comes in a series of numbers (the Google+ ID) and this, obviously, is not effective for brand awareness. Fortunately, there are third party services available that allow you to customize your URL so that it becomes catchy. Link-shortening tools such as GPlus.to, GoPlus.us, and Plus.ly are some examples you can use to make a more compelling URL.
  2. Improve the visual component. Let’s admit it - Google+ lacks the visual elements of Facebook’s Timeline. However, you can still improve its visual components to make it more professional or more ‘corporate’. For your profile, you can add a nice header and profile photos that best reflect you and the business you represent. Creating business profile page is also recommended - you can make it as your default page instead of your personal profile. Also, still part of improving the visual component, uploading more photos of your products or services can help make your page more interesting to your contacts/followers.
  3. Use a short, concise, powerful tagline. Because the number of characters for tagline is limited, it makes sense to make it short but concise and powerful. If you try to hover over a link (of a particular account) on Google+, you can see a small preview box that pops up displaying a profile image, tagline, and the option to follow. Notice that only the first five words or so of the tagline appear, so make them count!
  4. Take advantage of the Hangouts feature. If Facebook has Wall, Google+ has Hangouts. It is basically a Google+ functionality / feature that allows users to go for video chat – lets multiple people to converse at once. This feature can be used for your business’s more personalized customer service, a venue to initiate Q&As, as well as roundtable discussions.
  5. Targeted posts. Every time you post something on your account, make sure it targets the intended audience; one type of content might be relevant to half of your contacts but not to the other half. How can you make your post more targeted? Circles are Google’s way of letting you to organize your contacts and deliver more targeted posts. You can separate your regular customers in one circle from the general public. However, you need to bear in mind that you can only sort your contacts if they have added your page in their circles already.
  6. Connect your website to your Google+ profile. Once you have built your Google+ page, it is highly recommended that you link your main website into it. This can be done by adding Google+ badge on your website – it should be placed on a page so that it is more visible to website visitors (usually above the fold). Having a Google+ badge on your website helps build a list of followers, loyal customers.
  7. Optimize Google+ profile for search engines. Your Google+ profile is actually index-able in search engines so it is good SEO-wise; it can appear on SERPs for a particular search query and therefore can bring more organic juice for your website, boosting its ranking.
So, we’ve just given you some simple Google+ techniques. There are more things you can do to achieve better social media experience for your business – you just need to be more creative.

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