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How Businesses Can Prepare For Facebook's Graph Search

by: Dana Chen Fischer 

Every few months, Facebook releases a new feature which users seem to either love or hate. Many of these features are thought to improve the user experience, but few offer ways to improve how businesses interact via Facebook. With Social Media replacing other traditional marketing mediums, it is very important for companies to embrace Facebook and other Social Media networks. Some of the latest feature additions on Facebook include, timeline, better integration with Instagram, and more recently Facebook graph search. If used correctly Facebook's graph search offers a way for digital marketing companies to promote companies in incredible ways.
Digital Marketing- Facebook Graphic Search
In early January, Facebook released a new feature called graph search. This new feature allows Facebook users to search through photos, places, people and even very specific interests of members. This allows users to search for things like, “who are my friends in Los Angeles”, or “What are some restaurants that my friends like”. This is an incredibly powerful digital marketing tool which combines the huge benefits of social media with the ease of a search engine. Facebook is looking for users to come to their site for more than just to look at photos and status updates, but to find restaurants and other information which can be very valuable to companies looking to gain new business online.

Internet marketing consulting companies are already starting to take notice of this new feature. Unfortunately, this feature is only in beta now, but Facebook has indicated that it will begin rolling out to all users within the next few months. As people begin to use it more, the data will become much more detailed and useful, hence the graph search name. In digital marketing, it is very important for companies to constantly stay ahead of all of the latest Social Media trends so that these businesses are not left behind as the Internet marketing world is constantly changing. Once this feature is widely used on Facebook, it will allow Internet marketing consulting companies to target these very defined searches to give their clients an easy way to reach highly targeted customers. Imagine if you are a Mexican restaurant in San Jose and could show up in searches for “best Mexican restaurant in San Jose” on Facebook. This could be a way to greatly increase traffic to your web site and ultimately to your restaurant.

While many companies are excited about this new feature, it is important for Facebook users to understand that their privacy settings will not be affected by this new roll out. Facebook has not done the best job of disclosing all of their privacy settings in the past, so they have made sure to give users complete control over how their information appears when other users are performing searches with graph search. All of these privacy settings are configurable in the familiar privacy settings portion of Facebook. Users will have the same level of flexibility when it comes to controlling how much of a Facebook profile is accessible by others when using this new feature.

Facebook's graph search is thought to be one of the most business friendly features to be added to this popular Social Media network in quite some time. If you are looking for a digital marketing company to take your Internet presence to the next level, make sure that they are well versed in Facebook's new graph search technology. With the proper implementation, this new technology can mean increased business for your growing company!

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