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“Back to School” Basics for Your Online Marketing Efforts

by: Dana Chen Fischer 

online marketingAs our kids go back to school, they may have to catch up on everything they forgot before they can really move forward with the new semester. By the same token, if your company’s digital marketing has been “sleeping in,” it may be time for some schooling in the following areas:

  • Brand identity - Has your online brand become watered down through a few too many new products or unrelated marketing ventures? Do you need to regain the coherent persona you once had? If you’re still a relatively young company, has that persona come together for you yet? You must present a consistent brand across all your media channels.
  • Mobile marketing - We say this a lot, but we’ll say it again: Mobile matters. If you haven’t taken steps to develop a mobile-friendly website, you’re probably losing business to others who have. It’s a smartphone world now, and you need to be there!
  • SEO - Search engine optimization is a moving target, especially when Google keeps changing its methods for computing your online relevance and competitors scramble to one-up each other online. Do you know how to make multimedia channels such as YouTube work in your favor? Do you have someone monitoring your optimization rates?
  • Relevant content - Search engines and prospects both respond to a steady stream of original, relevant content. Do you issue online press releases and feature stories to promote your exciting new events? Do you keep your blog updated with engaging and useful posts?

If your digital marketing fell behind over the summer, make sure it makes the grade by studying up on these important subjects. Or better yet, entrust it to the experts here at NetEdge Marketing. Our skill in all of these areas can help you move your business to the head of the class!

CABB (California Association of Business Brokers) Speaking Event

by: Dana Chen Fischer 

Dana's presentation, "Search, Social, & Mobile Marketing for Business Brokers" fits nicely in with the theme of the CABB Annual Productivity Conference, since past participants value the unique opportunity to network, share information with one another, and re-invigorate.

She's invited to talk on Friday March 22nd at the Embassy Suites in Napa California.  It's a true pleasure for Dana to share with the business community and where better than Napa?

Speaker Bio

Dana Chen Fischer is the president of NetEdge Marketing and is a certified advanced Internet marketing consultant.  In her work as an Internet consultant, Dana's focus is to help small to midsize companies leverage their website to generate sales leads and increase revenues.

Dana frequently speaks to business conferences, companies and organizations such as Silicon Valley SCORE, San Jose State University, Key Point Credit Union, National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), and Construction Finance Management Association (CFMA), California Business Broker Association (CABB) on the key benefits of digital marketing.

Where is Internet Marketing Going?

by: Dana Chen Fischer 

internet marketing trends in 2012

Know what’s hot for 2012, and prepare your business for these online trends

  • It’s the year for Social Media Marketing. In 2012, businesses will be executing social tactics that are fully integrated into the overall marketing strategy. Every company needs a social media marketing strategy and the right resources to manage it.
  • Mobile marketing is on the go. The increase in smart-phone use and relaxed download caps on mobile phone plans has seen mobile marketing gain momentum. Tablet devices should now be a mainstream consideration in your digital marketing strategy. 
  • 2012 will see a new era of online video content, re-introducing the human element and changing the nature of communication; making it dynamic, interactive and instant. Video will be used more for mainstream online content and advertising.  
  • SEO is going to be complex (if it isn’t enough already!). Competition for Google heats up with Yahoo, Bing, Search.com, and social sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.Getting your business on the first page of search results will become tougher. Mobile search and geo-location will further increase the challenges and surprises for search engine optimizers.

Refresh your online presence for 2013

Tips to Get Your Online Marketing Ready for 2013

It’s time to strengthen your online presence, so that you can take advantage of the emerging Internet marketing trends in the coming year. 
  1. Go mobile. Is your website easy and enjoyable to view on a mobile phone? With more and more Iphones, Ipads and Android powered smart-phones in use, mobile marketing will expand beyond mobile messaging. Mobile email, mobile websites and mobile applications are already viable marketing channels. Make your website mobile-friendly now!
  2. Use video. Video is an incredible way to connect with people online. Video will help your website get “super-optimised” for search engines. A page with video has a strong likelihood of being ranked higher than one that’s purely text-based. With high speed internet and lowered cost of video production, the impact of video in marketing is ever-increasing.
  3. Social Media Marketing is maturing.  Is your website ready to take advantage of the reach and influence of Google+, Facebook and Twitter? With Facebook Credits and social commerce sites such as Groupon, your customers can actually start their purchase decision cycle via these sites. Get ready to harness the commercial value of the Facebook ‘like’ button, since peer recommendation will be more powerful than the push model.  
  4. Is your website optimised for localised searches? Today, every major search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing is serving up local results to make things easy for online users. Does your business figure in the top ranks of these search listings? Dominating the local space is the stepping stone to big business outside. Make sure your search and social marketing strategies factor in location-based opportunities.
  5. Content still rules. Continue to offer free information to your customers. Paid content will continue to suffer in 2012, and if users can find your information elsewhere for free, then they will go there for it.Your business should go beyond advertising, preaching and pushing products. Be useful to your audienceprovide material that’s useful to them.
  6. Tweak your e-mail marketing strategy. E-mail marketing still remains a proven way to achieve business objectives.  Segmentation and targeting will allow you to deliver a tailored and relevant message to potential customers to give the best possible click-through and conversion performance. 
  7. Upgrade your website. Edit, reword and improve the look of your website to make sure it’s relevant and up-to-date. Set unique titles and descriptions for each page/post of your website, which is critical for SEO, and also for feeding your site into social media channels. Generate an RSS feed so that visitors can subscribe for updates via a feed reader or email.
  8. Set up analytics. Use Google Analytics or something similar to spell out your marketing goals, integrate it with your online marketing programme to see how you are progressing. Evaluate results from your specific online marketing activities (i.e. shopping cart, PPC ads, social media channels, etc.) so that you can see how well each is doing for you.
Ultimately, success in the field of Internet marketing will depend on your company’s ability to provide the best customer experience.If you can build and nurture a real and meaningful relationship with your customers online, success will be yours.

Lead Nurturing Online - Internet Marketing Trend Netedge

by: Dana Chen Fischer 

Lead Nurturing - nudge your prospect down the sales funnel

Consider your online business or website comparable to a fruit orchard. With the right precautions, weed prevention, fertilization, irrigation and care, you'll have a healthy bounty of fruit, albeit, when the time is right. To taste the rich flavor of ripe fruit, you've got to pick it at just the right time, before the birds get it! Then you've got to handle it with care, nourish it with ambient temperatures and conducive storage as you watch it ripen. Enjoy the ripe fruit -- a result of your hard work. But stay on guard and don't lose sight of the next crop!

That was some "food" for thought. But here's the logical explanation of the metaphor used. Your business process must be geared to convert more inquiries into qualified leads and qualified leads into sales; i.e. Lead Nurturing. To make your website a fertile ground that will reap the best results, you need a strong foundation of Conversion Discovery. The guiding philosophy of Conversion Discovery is to be aware at all times that a website of any nature must have a persuasive purpose.

To apply this as the blueprint of your website, you must start by defining your business objectives and matching these to your target audience. Keep in mind, that your audience is profiled primarily on their needs broken down into demographics, psychographics and where they are in the buying cycle (which decides their behaviour on your site). Your goal then is to ensure that every element of your website persuades visitors on your site to take the actions that lead to the delivery of your objectives (conversion). Monitor and measure your results to ensure that your efforts are driving results to your bottom line.

Take all the right steps to remove the weeds (unnecessary distractions) and rotting soil (broken links). Maintain a steady infusion of organic fertilizers (professionally written, SEO friendly content). Trim, prune and manage the online landscape to encourage positive reactions and call to action. Remember that every click on your site is a step towards conversion. Visitor satisfaction with every click on your site should build confidence until they reach the final click where they convert into a customer. That is time for harvesting. It is also the time to watch for dangers of going bad or turning away. Leads, like fruit, are perishable!

Conversion Discovery follows the 40/40/20 Rule – 40% Audience Targeting, 40% Offer and 20% Creativity. Whether or not you use diverse Internet marketing methods like pay-per-click advertising, landing pages, viral marketing campaigns, etc., you can always think of your website as your primary marketing vehicle. Build it using the 40/40/20 Rule where (a) every element of the website keeps in mind the majority of users and their varied profiles; (b) there exist multiple acquisition channels making a variety of offers and (c) aesthetic design and creativity offers unique and personalized experiences for site visitors.

Our digital marketing consultant can engage you in an Information Discovery meeting to identify the details of your 40/40/20 formula and work the magic for your website! Call and book an appointment today. 

Our customers benefit from a leading edge website platform which have build-in lead nurturing capability. The feature rich, highly functional design gave them fertile grounds to nurture leads and the robust reporting showed them who, when, how and where their leads were. 

This is only one simple function of a highly capable online business solution. You can use this and many more easy to use, yet highly advanced techniques to draw qualified leads, nurture them into paying customers and keep them coming back.

Internet Marketing and Business Analysis

by: Dana Chen Fischer 

Top Company Loses Big Business in Wake of Internet Upstart

Does this headline grab your attention? It should, because if your company is an industry leader, you could quickly lose your place to a small company with a big internet marketing strategy. And if you’re currently earning a tiny percent of the industry, you can often rapidly increase your share with a smart internet competitive analysis and strategy from an experienced San Jose Internet Marketing Consultant.  
Two Common Mistakes

It’s vital to assess if your company is making one of the two most common mistakes in gauging success in e Marketing. Do either of the following statements apply to you?

  1. I have no idea how my company’s internet marketing strategy rates against the rest of the industry, and wasn’t even aware there was a way to evaluate this.
  2. I feel fairly confident that my company’s internet marketing strategy is competitive because our sales have been up. 
If you answered “yes” to either of these statements, read on for an important recommendation from your local San Jose Internet Marketing Consultant.  

The Internet is Reshaping the Competitive Landscape

More than 91% of people use the internet to search for products or services. This new behavior has created a huge opportunity for growth for organizations who know how to use it to their best advantage.    Be certain you know where you company stands against the competition by conducting market research online. NetEdge's Internet Marketing Analysis Services have helped thousands of organizations stay ahead of the competition, and thousands more take over the competition.  

Talk to your Internet Marketing Consultant today about the internet marketing analysis so that you will have solid information you need to develop or maintain a solid place in your market. or call: 408-823-1113

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