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The Digital Marketing Landscape: Putting Your Business in the Picture

by: Dana Chen Fischer 

digital marketing campaignThe digital marketing landscape has taken on an astonishing degree of richness and complexity in recent years; this transit map” developed by Gartner resembles a dynamic big-city subway system more than anything as idyllic as a “landscape.” What trends can we see and project from this picture, and how do they affect your business? Let’s take a quick look.

According to an Adobe white paper posted by the Guardian, content marketing was rated as a top priority by 38 percent of study participants in 2013, up from 21 percent the year before. Mobile optimization was prioritized by the same percentage. But to get the most out of both of these strategies, the posted/distributed content must be relevant, shareable over social media and other media channels, and ideally reusable instead of one-off pieces. Mobile optimization, social media engagement, and targeting/ personalization all rated as the three “most exciting” opportunities among participants’ digital marketing efforts.

Another important trend is what the study refers to as “marketing automation,” which involves creating processes to send the right pre-created marketing data to the right prospects at the right point in the sales conversation. Twice as many 2013 study participants were excited about marketing automation compared to the 2012 numbers. The Adobe paper also notes that an increasing number of businesses are working on “omnichannel” marketing, with more and more brands trying to reach out to the mobile device user. It’s all about convergence, or making all your digital marketing efforts work together in a unified, congruent message. Here at NetEdge Marketing we have a number of programs and features in place to help you do just that. So don’t let your business become a still life – contact the digital marketing experts at NetEdge and let’s put the picture in motion!

3 Reasons You Need a Mobile Website

by: Dana Chen Fischer 

Maybe your company has had a website for years, but you're hearing more and more about the need to have a "mobile-friendly" version of the site as well. But what benefits can you expect from having this alternative to your standard site layout? 

mobile website development

  1. You can reach (practically) everyone. Americans have adopted the mobile phone as a way of life -- in fact. it's estimated that 86 percent of us carry one. If we want to look something up these days, we don't go find a computer or dig a laptop out of the car. We whip out the iPhone/Blackberry/whatever and search the Web.
  2. Google likes it. We expect to see Google Mobile become a more popular search platform than Google PC by the end of 2012. This means that Google will likely start giving the nod to companies that they know offer a mobile version of their website. You definitely want to be in that favored group so you can come up tops on Google Mobile search results.
  3. It's easier to use. Visitors who arrive at your website from a mobile phone don't want to have to squint, rotate, zoom or otherwise fiddle around just to make your site viewable and usable -- they'd rather just move on your competitor's site. A mobile website offers a simplified, easy-to-read interface that makes navigation a breeze. By the same token, fat-fingered visitors need access to the relatively large, simple buttons provided by the mobile website layout.

So how do you create a mobile version of your website? That's easy -- let us do it! Netedge Marketing can design and build a mobile website that looks great, is easy to navigate and can be manipulated with normal human fingers. Be where your customers are. Go mobile!

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