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Bad Perceptions about Paid Search (PPC)

by: Dana Chen Fischer 

I have met people who swear that they will never click on the link on the right-hand side of the search results page, because they know those are the sites that pay money for those clicks.

It’s true, Google/Yahoo/Bing and other search engines result pages show paid search listings on a shaded background or on the right-hand side. But statistics data shows that these paid search Ads can be very effective and normally result in a quick and easy way to turn on your lead flow.E5PNPG2Y6DKQ 

Of course, your potential customers are not only searching on their desktop, they are also searching on multiple devices such as tablets and smartphones. In addition, there are other criteria that differentiate searches including the time of day and browser version to name a few. Google is aware of the growing complexity in the ways that your potential customers are searching for your products and services and has recently updated its advertising product, Google AdWords, to reduce the complexities involved in managing multiple campaigns.

New Google AdWords – Enhanced Campaigns

The new feature in Google Adwords called Enhanced Campaigns will make the task of managing all types of campaigns easier. In the past, one had to setup separate campaigns for each digital device and manage the bidding process independently. Now the integrated campaigns can managed across all devices based on parameters such as a prospects’ location, time of day, when a query is to be ran, and the type of device used. The ability to run contextual, multi-device marketing campaigns that can be measured to a granular level can add significant value to paid ad campaigns.

Key benefits include:
  • Ability to integrate and run a single campaign across multiple devices 
  • Create targeted ads based on devices used and location of search
  • Measure the impact of various ads across devices 
For businesses this is great news since paid campaigns will become much more flexible, easier to launch, less time consuming, and best of all, cost-effective.

How to Integrate PPC with Other Digital Marketing Tactics?

To make sure you won’t single out any group of your targeted prospects, your business needs to consider broader digital marketing tactics beyond PPC.
Below are a few suggestions:

  1. SEO Strategy: Paid Search Marketing is quick and easy, but attention must still be paid to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because more than 80% of clicks go to the organic search results links. If your website doesn’t have a position there, your competitors are eating your lunch. Your organic search results landing page will have a measurable impact on your overall strategy. 
  2. Segmented & Targeted advertising: Normally you don’t have much control regarding which page will be listed under the organic search result however, with PPC you can direct search traffic to a specific landing page. This can greatly improve the overall conversion. So if you have specific conversion goals or a call-to-action item, consider this feature from paid search.
  3. Look at Both Paid Search and Organic Search Data Together. Compare data gathered from both your organic and PPC campaigns to understand your buyers’ behaviour and optimize campaign effectiveness.

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