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Has Social Media Crushed Email Marketing?

by: Dana Chen Fischer 

Social Media versus Email Marketing Nowadays, Social Media is the buzz words and businesses of all sizes try to figure out how to reach and engage with their customers.

While your Facebook page might have a lot of likes, if your fan rarely interact with your page or your post, your updates will have very slim chance to show up on their feeds due to Facebook’s edge ranking algorithm.

Regardless how active somebody is on the social media, people are all pretty good at keeping up with their emails, so email marketing is a much reliable way to deliver your message. Email marketing can help with both your lead generation and customer retention efforts, which is why it’s an effective tactic for businesses of all industries.

There are two important components for any successful email marketing:

  1. An Opt-in email list.
  2. Relevant and interesting information that you are sending.

Many companies try to find shortcut and even buy email list; those email campaigns normally have very low open rate and could also be potentially damaging to your company’s reputation. Your domain could be black listed if a lot of email users label your emails as “spam”.

Here are some tips on how to generate your in-house opt-in email list:

  • Ask for it: ask and you shall receive! During any customer touch points, you can ask the permission to add them into your mailing list. You’d be surprised by how easily people will give theirs up if you just ask for it. Whether in a physical store or on a website, people are accustomed to being asked for their email address, so don’t worry about scaring anybody away.
  • Give some incentive: if you’re having trouble generating a list of email addresses, consider adding some incentive for those who give you their information. Offering promotions, discounts, or valuable information via a whitepaper or webinar in exchange for email addresses will be more successful.
  • Run a contest: similar to providing incentives, you could also run a contest and raffle off a product, service, or just a popular item. All you need to do is to have people submit ballots that include their email address - if your prize is good enough, you’re sure to generate a decent list of contacts.
  • Friend referral:once you do start sending out communications, a great way to grow your database is to get subscribers to ‘Forward to a Friend.’ Put a ‘Forward to a Friend’ link in all of your newsletters and drive subscribers to a page where they can type in their friends’ information and you’ll instantly add to your list of contacts

Email marketing still plays an important role in today’s digital marketing mix, so use it even if it’s not the latest “thing” out there; it’s one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. 

Making Google+ a Plus for your Business

by: Dana Chen Fischer 

google plus social marketingGoogle+ has only existed for a couple of years now -- but of course any social media service powered by the world's biggest web browser has a head start on life. As of October 2013 it had 540 million active users worldwide, and currently those users are uploading 1.5 billion photos to the networking service each week. That’s some serious activity, and your business should be in the middle of it. So if you’ve never gotten involved in Google+, it’s time to set up that profile!

One key attraction of Google+ is its interconnectedness with so many other Google offerings -- especially YouTube, which definitely rates as the “killer app” for your online marketing videos. You can monitor and use Youtube, Analytics, Hangouts and all sorts of other Google goodies from your Google+ profile page. Treat this page as a kind of portal to your permanent website, pushing a steady stream of blog articles, special offers, video clips, news releases and other items of interest out to your connections. Like LinkedIn, Google+ encourages you to collect and then interact with a large pool of connections. But it also lets you categorize those connections into different “Circles,” which may or may not overlap according to industry, interests, relationship status, et cetera. This function means you can send different types of targeted information to different circles -- and that's every marketer’s dream.

As all-inclusive as Google+ may seem, however, don’t let it drift away from your core online marketing presence. Make sure your content links back to your company website’s products, services, or Contact page, or you may end up with a fabulous social media platform that fails to convert viewers into buyers. Contact the experts at NetEdge Marketing to get the most out of your Google+ marketing channel.

How To Use Social Signals To Please Search Engines?

by: Dana Chen Fischer 

social media optimization, social signals for seoSocial signals have now become part of the ranking factors used by search engines and one very clear indication about this trend is their integration with social media platforms. Google, for instance, has become omnipresent across various social media through the ownership of social channels like YouTube, Picasa, Orkut, Google+, and Blogspot. Microsoft and Yahoo have also made their 'social move' with their announcement about an alliance with micro-blogging site Twitter aimed at giving them greater access to content and tweets, which can be very helpful to deliver more relevant results to users.

SEO, this recent development in search algorithm has changed the landscape of our web optimization strategy – now with social factors considered as part of the equation to improve our website's position on SERPs.

Here are some social strategies we can employ:

  • Twitter posting - it's pretty amazing to realize that a 140-character post we make in our Twitter accounts can help improve our website's ranking on SERPs. The links we post are actually crawl-able, index-able and therefore can help to generate more inbound traffic.
  • Facebook page - this is another platform that is crawl-able and index-able by major search engines and certainly can positively influence a site's search engine ranking, which gives a boost to our SEO campaign. Creating a Facebook page allows us not only to build social media presence but for SEO purposes as well.
  • Google+ exploration - this social media platform by the search giant Google provides us lots of benefits, opportunity both in reaching out to people in the social network and for SEO. It allows us to build our own networks of potential customers, create a page that could best represent the products and services we have. At the same time, we can take advantage of its features and functionality, helpful for our web optimization campaign.
  • Harnessing the video channels - posting interesting videos are a great help for our SEO campaign most especially today that more and more potential customers are going the audio-visual way. Posting video content that provides interesting information about our products and services can go viral through likes and shares, which is helpful SEO-wise.

Using Social Media to Improve Rankings - Some Tips

Optimal number of authoritative followers on social media platforms helps maintain social signals consistency.  If our social media activity decelerates, then our ranking is likely to be impacted accordingly, the following can help:

  • Creating and sharing high quality, interesting content – this is not just helpful for SEO but it helps us build our brand as an authority in our niche. 
  • Building natural relationships – we can identify specific segments of social media communities where people are interested in our business; we must build good relationships with them.
  • Implement tactics that will improve SEO - social media channels employ technical restrictions on the data that can be presented in results because of privacy policy issues. With that, it is necessary to get an expert guide about using these channels for SEO.
  • Keyword strategy still works - this is also effective when leveraging this strategy on social media channels.

With some social media optimization techniques, our websites can have better opportunity to achieve better positions in SEPRs. We just need to be always diligent in our SEO works.

For social media set-up, please contact us at NetEdge Marketing.

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