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Why Integrate Social Media to Your Sales Process

by: Dana Chen Fischer

social media sales process integration

An effective way to strengthen your business relationship with your clients

Businesses are increasingly turning to social media to enhance brand visibility, increase sales and strengthen relationships with their customers. By engaging in a rich, ongoing dialogue with customers, companies can better understand their evolving needs, resolve service issues more effectively and gain true brand advocates.

Driving Website Traffic

Savvy companies are successfully using social media to drive sales and build traffic. What matters is how you decide to use all the tools of social media and how they’re integrated to work together. Play off of each other, complement each another, reinforce messages; and at the end of the day, effectively drive traffic and engage users. Cross-promote each account or profile.

  • Look for your audience by searching for groups that are directly related to your product or service.
  • Ask the question, “Have you tried our product yet? We would love to hear your feedback!” This simple call for client testimony can inspire a great conversation.
  • Include a video on your site and publish it to YouTube to spread the knowledge.
  • Plan an integrated campaign that utilizes chat software, direct mail, print ads, radio spots, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn ads, mobile initiatives and an interactive Twitter billboard.
  • Post a weekly blog. Once that blog is published, have it set up so that it automatically posts to your Facebook page within a few hours.
  • Craft tweets that are scheduled to go out once a day (at different hours on different days) with a link back to your blog.
  • Also post articles of interest and company updates. Ultimately, everything should keep to the goal of pointing back to your website.
  • The website must have conversion architecture, so visitors can easily be led into the buying cycle.

Consistent contribution across all platforms is an absolute must for social media success!

Building Customer Loyalty

Online tools such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others can help provide businesses with opportunities to enhance customer relationships in real time.

Here are some of the ways to put social media to work to improve your brand loyalty so customers will want to promote your company in a positive way.

  • Monitor Customer Comments. Most customers and first-time buyers make purchase decisions based on the online comments they read. Designate a person on your team to track and monitor all social media mentions for your organization / brand.
  • Anticipate Needs. To be proactive about identifying customer needs, consider promoting a survey via social media. The survey can help with new product development, branding and positioning, and overall reputation monitoring.
  • Address Complaints. Act quickly when you discover negative comments online, since bad news can spread rapidly. Determine what went wrong; resolve the customer’s problem and then blog about how you took care of it.
  • Engage Customers. Encourage customers to share feedback directly, via comments on blogs or a Facebook page, or via Twitter. These channels create exciting new opportunities to gain real-world insights into your customers’ attitudes and needs
  • Encourage Satisfied Customers to Talk. Encourage satisfied customers to share their experiences on social media sites. If you have brand advocates who love your product or service, you may well be at the top of the list of recommended names.

Social media makes it easier to understand your customers, track their needs and provide the product or service they want. These same applications can help you tell them that you have just what they need!

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