The Importance of Social Media Setup

For years, companies have strengthened their brand and have generated sales leads through company 

specific websites. With the rise of online social networking sites (such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest etc.) companies have new venues in which to expand. Internet users are spending more than 20% of their online time in social networking sites and it continues to grow rapidly. For companies that want to compete it is imperative that they follow their customers into the social media space. Establishing a company presence on social networking sites is required to make this happen.

Social Media Setup Explained

Social networking sites offer free memberships to individuals and organizations and provide capabilities that make sharing between users simple and fun.
Establishing a presence on a social network requires configuring the company’s profile within the system. Depending on the social network, graphical assets, descriptive text, and appropriate links will need to be established. Each network has its own guidelines and other assets (such as privacy policies) will need to be established in compliance with these guidelines. It is of paramount importance to build a brand image in line with business objectives. Blogging is often a very important aspect of social networks and design and configuration of the blog is typically required. In the case that a company has a well established blog on their company specific website, integration of this blog into the social network is desirable. WordPress is a common platform for this activity. 
Also, it’s necessary to periodically generate content that is appealing to the company’s targeted demographic in order to develop a following.
As an illustration, Facebook (FB) allows companies to establish and then configure a FB page to represent the company on the FB social network. In addition, companies can add more pages to the first page creating a mini-website within FB. The landing pages are useful when advertising on FB or when performing other paid search campaigns as they give users a unique experience specific to the advertisement. For example, a company could create a landing page for a holiday sale that is tied to a specific advertising campaign.
The means by which social network users find content varies by network and changes over time. For this reason, there is an art to creating a social networking presence.

Choosing a Social Media Setup Provider

Creating a presence on a social network is not as easy as simply creating a user account and, for this reason, it’s desirable to find a firm that has experience transferring company brands to social networks. The provider must also be capable of tailoring the presence on the social network to the marketing campaigns and overall business objectives of the company.
NetEdge Marketing’s experience with all aspect of social media makes them a wise choice for this type of endeavor.